Where would we be in the “new normal” without virtual and hybrid events?

The digital equivalents to live in-person events have saved thousands of engagements since the Coronavirus Pandemic began. It seems as though the concept of digital events was conceived overnight.

However, our team has executed hybrid events as far back as 2014.

Young adult event attendees have been clamoring for digital event options for years. Research tells us that Millennials have become a dominant financial force, spending over $250 billion annually.

We must meet new event attendees’ needs with that kind of power and the millennial demographic, most notably.

While appeasing this audience is a crucial benefit to hosting hybrid events, it by far is not the only one. Here are six reasons to consider a hybrid event for your young adult audience.

1.  Increased Event Reach & Attendance

A hybrid event can bridge the gap between purely live event availability and options.

The “new normal” is more important than ever to deliver a high-quality experience and level of service. We’ve come to expect the extended reach that Hybrid events offer instead of purely live events, but provide the on-site experience for those looking to take in the event with full sensory.

2.  More Engaged Audience

Millennials have been born into a digital world.

Being the first demographic that has always had access to the internet, this is a fantastic forum perfect for creatively designed, well-thought-out hybrid events to flourish. Weaving the interactions had by both virtual and live audiences, we can create a hybrid event that reaches around the world.

Being refreshing and unique with our event’s design can enhance the audience engagement experience in immeasurable ways.

3. Go Green for the Environment

One of the most significant benefits of a hybrid event is its affordability factor for attendees who might not attend due to travel and lodging costs. In addition to reduced costs, attendees worldwide are becoming aware and concerned with their carbon footprints.

Since they seek to reduce their carbon emissions, virtual attendance supports their cause and goals.

4. Feed Short Attention Spans

Capturing an audience’s full attention can be a challenge, but keeping the interest can be even more of a challenge.

However, designing your Hybrid event to allow (and encourage) attendees to “jump” in and out of the different pieces of event content and back and forth between event content, social media to share, and participating in community interaction activities on the event platform.

5. Enhanced Production Design

So, what separates a webinar from a hybrid event? Hybrid Events have many option for content available for their attendees.

The production quality should be elevated to more than just a single camera shot video that looks like it could be featured on Youtube. It’s safe to say that most Virtual Event attendees are experiencing “Zoom burnout”, so don’t let your message go lost on the attendees that need to hear it most.

Your event’s overall design will provide a connection to your audience, good or bad.

6. Hybrid Events Are Cool

If you don’t have a virtual event presence during the pandemic, you have missed out! 95% of industry professionals have attended a Virtual Event.

For those that haven’t attended a Virtual Event, the new experience can be daunting at first. But, after the first few sessions, new users turn into fans of Virtual Events.

Changing your Live Event into a Virtual or Hybrid Event can be stressful and even a bit scary. There are thousands of event platforms and web streaming options available. Keep in mind that the number one thing to remember is the attendee.

It’s exciting to know that Hybrid events offer the potential to reach new audiences, especially those that are beginning to experience the world of meetings and events as a whole.


Are you planning a hybrid, live, or virtual event?

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