Make Your Event An Effective Success

Typically, the area where you can be most effective on your event’s overall ROI is with your team by encouraging them to utilize their knowledge, skills, and passion.

It helps to pause for a moment and consider the people (vendors and partners) you have surrounded yourself with during the planning and execution of your events.

How do they impact the team? Are any additional skill sets needed to help you all be more successful? Are your vendors truly partners in your success or hindrances?

Here are three practices that will help you ensure you’ve built the right team with the right people to create and provide memorable experiences.

Know your team’s strengths and weaknesses

The more you know about the team members involved in your event, the better equipped you will be prepared to put them in the right places for success, and success should always remain the key focus.

Your team may excel at planning and organizing but has challenges from time to time when creating new ideas. Adding creative specialists to the team may be the best solution in this case, for example.

However, your unit may be creative but stalls when balancing the budget and keeping records. Adding an individual who has an accountant’s mindset may be the best route here.

If you stress over an engagement (we all do from time to time), look for a passionate person about communicating with people in various ways.

A diverse team built on skills and passion typically be 100% more effective than a team built on friends, family, or reactive hiring.

Hire Experts

Experts in any particular field have dedicated their time and attention to growing their talents, skills, and competency in a specific subject while maintaining the passion required to excel.

They are not typically the most dynamic individuals but can be identified by the enjoyment of their work, which can be seen externally by positive energy and focus. Their talents also will be reflected in the quality of the work they produce.

When making hiring decisions regarding future employees, it can be a great idea to incorporate the use of assessment tools to help identify your applicant’s core interests and strengths.

We like to pay special attention to the interview process of key individuals who will be placed on our client-facing operational teams because they will be one of the critical parts of your operation’s overall success.

Casual Vendors vs. Dedicated Partners

Casual vendors are typically classified as transactional partners that you pay for, and they provide a service.

They are primarily focused on the success of their own business and are generally not engaged in your mutual relationship’s success. When vendors begin to focus less on the transactional aspects of the relationship and focus on facilitating genuine engagement, they become invested partners that genuinely support their clients’ vision and efforts.

Some of the words and phrases that sometimes describe a genuine relationship between clients and vendors are solution-minded, trust, partnership, and communication.

Partners are an extension of our teams who want to provide as much value as possible while contributing to a project’s success.

True partners can be identified when challenges arise. They offer ideas and solutions that can eliminate obstacles and help bring the team closer to the common objective. Staying engaged with your event partners will provide additional certainty of an intended outcome while allowing you to focus on other areas of your event.

Real event partners genuinely care about the event’s success and clients, doing all they can to provide the very best event experience possible.

The return on investment of your event is tied largely to the staff that you’ve assembled. Their strengths, weaknesses, skillset, and passion will help set you and your event up for success.


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