Digital invitation platform Evite has launched Evite Pro, a new custom platform designed to simplify and streamline the event planning and

execution process for professional event organizers. This release comes just nine months after the launch of Evite Premium.

Evite Pro allows planners to manage the entirety of an event, including designing and sending invitations, tracking attendee status, managing ongoing guest communications, and accessing event analytics including deliverability and RSVP rate with real-time data.

Geared to meet the needs of small- to mid-size companies, the new platform allows planners to invite up to 2,500 guests per event, see who has viewed the invitation (or who may have gotten an undeliverable invitation), and nudge guests to RSVP.

Even better, exhibitors can use the app on the show floor to track who visits their booths, according to Evite officials.

“Many of our customers are business professionals or organizers in their communities who have long used Evite as a tool for planning their company events,” said Victor Cho, CEO of Evite. “We realized through customer feedback that we needed to provide a specialized solution to address our customer’s business requirements.”

He continued, “Now, those customers can use Evite Pro to manage a wide range of events throughout the year, with full access to every Evite invitation on our platform and all of the customizations they already know and love.”

Evite Pro features include:

  • Seamless event management: Send and update anytime, anywhere
  • Elevated insight: Track delivery and RSVPs with real-time performance analytics
  • Customizable design: Companies can include logo and colors
  • Large-scale event capability: Invite up to 2,500 guests per event
  • Multichannel delivery options: Send invitations via email, text or shareable link
  • Bypass spam filters: Ensure invitations are sent to recipients’ inboxes

Other recent Evite products that are available to all Evite users, including Evite Pro subscribers, include the Evite Donations tool, which enables Evite customers to use any event as an opportunity to donate to a charity or crowdfund for a personal cause; and Evite Messages, which allows hosts and guests to communicate about events.

Evite Pro is currently available for an annual subscription. To learn more, check out this video.

EvitePro Phone Dashboard  EvitePro Manage Guests . EvitePro Resolve Email . EvitePro Nudge  EvitePro Analytics


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