PowerPoint is a useful tool for creating engaging business and social presentations. A high-quality, well-designed slide show can serve as a visual aid to keep an audience’s attention. However, small mistakes that people commonly make with PowerPoint will cause it to hinder your presentation’s message rather than help deliver the impact.



Your presentation’s content should focus on the audience.

The setting in which it’s given should be included in the considerations as well. Keep the primary goal of the speech in mind. Ensure that all content is relevant to your topic and leads to the desired consensus, whether educating, teaching, or entertaining people.

Using reputable sources for research, such as government and university websites, will help bolster your message with a provable firm foundation.



Your PowerPoint presentation’s visual design is an essential aspect of ensuring your impact when delivering your message effectively.

The text should be written in a simple and easy-to-read font that is large enough for the audience to read without strain.

Letters that are overly narrow or curvy will be challenging to distinguish from far distances. The font colors should complement one another and the overall meeting theme. Uniformity when designing the presentation or using the same design theme throughout a slide show helps keep the transitions seamless from one slide to another.

You can also add images and animations for interesting visual dynamics.



It’s always a great idea to be prepared for public speaking by planning and practicing to deliver a smooth presentation.

With PowerPoint, practice the entire presentation aloud using the slides and practice in front of another person.

Asking for feedback, especially the first time you use PowerPoint to present in front of a large group. Also, get familiar with using the equipment that will be available, a projector remote to advance your slides or your laptop.

You should be able to navigate between slides easily and without confusion.



Giving the Presentation

Ensure the computer equipment you’re using (a computer rental or your laptop) has the most current PowerPoint installed version. If your presentation requires the computer to be connected to the sound system, make those arrangements in advance.

Make sure the projector is set up to ensure the best focus and brightness levels.

One of the most common mistakes made when doing a PowerPoint presentation is reading the information on the slide with no emotion or a monotone voice. This is very boring for the audience and causes them to lose focus.

Your PowerPoint slide show should be used as an outline and Visual guide for the overall presentation. Sticking to important points and elaborating on them verbally is perfect for delivering information without visual clutter.

Timing and cadence are also essential factors to keep in consideration.

Don’t speak too fast (or slow), and be sure to stay within the time limit while switching slides at appropriate points of the presentation.



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