If you have been in the event planning business for a long time or are new to the industry, you know when planning a conference, the small details can make or break your event.

While your attendees may not pay attention to all that went right, in your opinion, they may be able to point out the mistakes made along the way.

To help prevent the nasty comments and looks along the way, here are five designing and operation tips you will not want to forget when it comes to designing and operating your Live, Virtual, or Hybrid event.

Additional Setup Time

Before signing your contract with the event’s venue location, attempt to negotiate availability and access to your meeting rooms a minimum of 24 hours in advance of your event’s start date.

This will allow your AV partner to have ample time to set up all event locations properly and avoid costly rush labor fees.

Make Space for AV

If the venue has available space, and, before contracts are signed, attempt to negotiate additional meeting rooms to be a dedicated command center and storage room for your AV partner to store the required AV equipment and empty cases that can become an eyesore if left in view of your conference attendees.

Weather Matters

Bad weather can spell the end of your event before it begins. Regardless of your location, it’s always best to expect the unexpected. Having a contingency plan in the event of rain or cold will be able to salvage the time and effort that you have invested in the planning phase.

You may have the ability to plan the perfect event but leave the final weather predictions to the weatherman and have a backup plan ready.

Freedom of the Flow

You may need to factor in transportation to and from hotels, depending on how dispersed your attendees are from your event venue and their travel mode to the event.

Attendees often choose their timeline at events, so making various transportation options available always helps to alleviate any challenges to event times and attendance.

True, you may not be able to plan for all the issues that may arise at an event, we’ve shared with you some of the most often overlooked items that can significantly affect the overall experience of your guests.

Your event reflects your brand and culture, so take full advantage of this excellent opportunity to design the perfect experience and leave a lasting impression.

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