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We were created to make AV easy for you.

We were created by leaders in hospitality and event production to be a solution that consistently provides clients with high-quality customer service, unrivaled technical expertise, and top professional AV equipment systems for their live corporate events across America, and virtual corporate events around the world.

Hospitality-Center Customer Service

Production Excellence


Value for Our Clients

We understand your event language.

And translate it into results that increase event value.

We specialize in translating your event’s unique needs into production results that align with your vision.

Committed to your event’s  goals and guests, trust us to elevate your event to new heights and achieve the desired outcomes that make it truly remarkable and unforgettable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the hospitality-based customer service solution for clients who want an event production partner that will help consistently deliver the results they need with ease.

Our Purpose

Honest AV’s purpose is to support our clients through every step of the event planning and management process by providing honest value, expertise, service, solutions, and partnership.

Our Philosophy

Honest AV is our philosophy of how to service the meeting industry and our clients (past, present, and future).

That philosophy is at the core of why we were created.

We make the AV stuff EASY so you can focus even more attention on your guests and their overall statisfaction.

Do you need help with planning and managing the technical aspects of your upcoming Hybrid Event, Live Event, or Virtual event?

Let us guide you through the uncertainty and help make your event a success, no matter where or what happens!