We Make It EASY


We Make Live Event Production EASY


General Sessions That Entertain

We are a Live Event Production Company that loves adding the “WOW” to your message. General Sessions can be fun, informational, pace-setting, and our team of Honest Event Professionals makes the process easy. We’re partners!!

Stage Renderings & Room Drawings
Take the guesswork out of stage design & seating decisions. We'll plan your vision and show you in real time how it will come alive, BEFORE the event begins!

Technical & Stage Management
We are masters at fitting the idea and production pieces together like a puzzle. Our Honest Technical Professionals have executed a wide range of high quality corporate/major association events, and utilize state-of-the art audio-visual equipment + expert knowlege to "Run The Show" to perfection!
PowerPoint Templates, Video Production, Graphic Design
Unify your audience and inspire action in alignment with your goals. We think of clever ways to surprise and delight by tying your theme into the event in unexpected ways.
Audio/Video/Lighting Production
Transform a room into an immersive experience that delights every sense. Every aspect on cue and in sync.
Speechwriting and Keynote Speakers
Leverage our experience and industry contacts to bring in a guest speaker that will have your audience buzzing. Our executive coaches and speechwriters can also ensure your executives deliver incredible presentations.
Stress Free from Load-In to Load-Out
Together, we've crafted your vision into a product. You've approve the plan now it's our turn to take the wheel and make it ALL happen. Our hospitality and technical management teams will ensure every detail is executed onsite from start to finish.

Breakout of Dull Meetings

“Breakout meetings are just breakout meetings..” you say? Unfortunately, we don’t agree.

We have a huge supply of screens and projectors perfect for a breakout room. But, there’s so much more we can offer to spice up a dull small session and turn it into a memorable takeaway!

Contact us to get help from our specialized team of breakout meeting experts to find out more about the high-quality live meeting capabilities, in addition to our customizable streaming options that will take your live meeting into the virtual world!

Audio & Visual Support
Room Diagrams
Expert Technicians
Honest AV Basic Breakout Set with projection screen and projector


We have the ANSWERS


There are a large number of moving parts to an event, but you can rest knowing that your Honest AV partner has made the Virtual Technology componet easy!

STEP 1The Consultation

Who, What, When, Where, and How of your Virtual Event Vision

STEP 2The Solutions

We combine Planning & Preperation with the Perfect Technical Solutions

STEP 3The Event

It's show time! Great Partnership & Planning = Successful Event

STEP 4The Feedback

Before, during, and after event analytic reports for activity & engagement of your attendees

Need Solutions?
We're Here To Help

Need help on the path to a flawless Hybrid Event? We will guide you through the uncertainty and help you make your event a success, no matter where or what happens!


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