This Is How To STOP AV Errors Before They Start

Hey, it happens. The dreaded AV disaster causes thousands of meetings to come to a screeching halt every year. Imagine you’re setting up your presentation when suddenly the projector shuts down. Rushing to resolve the issue and get back on track, your presentation is now running 15 minutes late, and your guests are getting restless.

Well, this does not have to happen to you! Many solutions can help prevent this mishap, and we’ve listed several essential tips to help alleviate the stress of the awful Audio-Visual Disaster.

Hire an AV Technician

The importance of hiring an audio-visual technician to set up and test the equipment you will be using, and train you on how to use the equipment during your presentation is the first key to success.

Depending on the complexity of your meeting’s audio-visual technology, it may be a good idea to have the technician stay onsite. If any problems arise, they can quickly jump in and take care of them. If you have several events at the same location, hiring the same audio-visual technician every time helps to build a partnership with you and that new team member.

Perform a Site Survey

Performing a site survey when you need to know venue details but cannot see the location in person can save you many hours of stress.  An audio-visual partner will visit the site in advance of your event and make sure the equipment and layout you’ve planned will work within the space, and test the internet and power connections in the room.

An audio-visual partner will also offer advice on how to make the space work.

Provide AV Presentations In Advance

Having a presentation available for the audio-visual technician in advance will allow him/her to test the presentation on their audio-visual equipment and make sure the audio-visual equipment meets the specs you need. And if not, they can make the adjustments before the meeting begins.

Book The Event Space Early

We advise clients to book the room or space as early as possible before the event’s start date.  This will give your event production partner plenty of time to set up, make changes, and conduct rehearsals. To put it simply, make sure everything goes well once the meeting or event begins. Suppose you choose to have a technician set up; they can have all the gear ready and waiting for you when you arrive. Any adjustments will only take a few minutes.

Have Backup AV Equipment Available

Audio-Visual technology isn’t magic. It is the technology that sometimes breaks and needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, there are infrequent occurrences when audio-visual equipment malfunctions and needs to be replaced. Having backup replacement gear readily available onsite will help you to minimize any unwanted delays.

Having backup gear, such as projectors, microphones, and laptops, on hand will allow your staff to connect any errors immediately.

Hire The Right AV Partner

Hiring the right Audio-Visual provider to coordinate all logistics, technician hiring, and gear setup is the best way to alleviate stress for meeting planners and organizers. There are times when the size of the event doesn’t matter. When you have an audio-visual partner to look at the details,  it makes it easier for you to focus on the presentation rather than preparing the audio-visual technology. Also, if you’ve selected a great audio-visual partner, they will take greater care in making sure any errors are seen before the event begins.

Communicate Early and Often

Good communication is the core of all great partnerships and should be no different when working with an audio-visual provider. Communicating your requirements, changes, and errors, and congratulations to your audio-visual partner will help ensure your meeting attendees will receive your message with the intended impact and clarity.


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